Khaity's Logistic Solutions

With Khaity's crop sourcing services, get the freshest produce delivered right to your doorstep. We cut out intermediaries to offer competitive pricing while sourcing directly from farmers, ensuring highquality and sustainably sourced crops. Our reliable supply chain management enables businesses to focus on core operations while enjoying a consistent supply of products.

Khaity becomes the sole buyer of the produce, purchases the crops from farmers at fair prices and sells it to businesses.

Khaity proposes regular and speedy transportation to businesses in order to reduce crop wastages.

In addition to efficient transportation services, Khaity provides cold storages to its customers where their raw material can be stored safely until use.

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Khaity's output selling strategy is focused on becoming the sole buyer of farmers' fresh produce. We purchase crops from farmers at fair prices and sell them to businesses that require raw materials for their operations. With this, we are able to ensure:

  • The quality of the produce we sell to businesses
  • Long-term relationships with our customers

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Khaity understands that transportation is a critical factor in reducing crop wastages and farmers of Pakistan are severely affected in the negligence of this process. We utilize well maintained vehicles to transport freshly harvested produce to other businesses quickly and safely. By providing reliable transportation services, Khaity is able to:

  • Reduce crop wastages
  • Increase the profits of farmers

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Khaity provides cold storage facilities to its customers, ensuring that their raw materials are stored safely until use. The cold storage facilities are equipped with advanced technologies that:

  • Help maintain the required temperature & humidity levels
  • Allow you to store your products for longer periods of time

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